Rural Internet

By High Mountain Farm, LLC

Fast Reliable High Speed Internet

We provide reliable, fast, affordable high speed internet to rural Virginia and Texas Counties.

Forget enduring the slow, unreliable satellite systems and dial up access. Our service provides the same true high speed internet found in the suburbs and corporate offices

How does it work?

Telephone and cable TV lines are old technology and were never designed to handle the internet traffic of today. We provide service to your house using new wireless technology designed specifically for high speed internet access. We do it by sending a wireless signal to a small notebook size antenna mounted on the side or roof of your house or nearby building. We do this without ruining the rural landscape with antenna towers.

The link we provide to your house is dozens of times faster than the DSL access provided by the phone company. Our links are not affected by rain. Since we don’t use telephone wires, fallen trees and ice storms won’t affect your service.


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